ISTE 2019

We have great news for any school looking to transition from Windows to Chromebooks… we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Announcing for Windows

Forget print queues, print servers and Windows GPO. Introducing a single, severless print management system to control your student and teacher printing across your Chromebook / G Suite and Windows infrastructure.

Deploy the same universal printer driver to Windows and Chromebooks, unify your support, remove your print servers and centrally control your printing!

We know that some of your teachers are still using Windows, while your students are already on Chromebooks. It’s time to upgrade your print infrastructure from legacy print servers to a serverless future. Now you can service both your Windows clients and new Chromebook fleet with a single print solution! Smart.

The Windows client (Beta) is available to new and existing customers today.

We are exhibiting at ISTE 2019 Philadelphia – come and talk to us about trialling at your School. Find us in the Startup Pavilion.