Manage POS and label print environments with

For the longest time, label and POS printers haven’t really been front of mind for IT teams looking for solutions to manage their print infrastructure – but that looks set to change. 

For the retail industry, the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented levels of change. Whilst the massive uptick in online shopping in lieu of in-shop browsing was largely driven by a series of lockdowns, e-commerce looks set to remain consumers’ preferred way of purchasing. 

This shift has created an increased reliance on the use of label printers to process orders across retailers’ warehouse and logistics operations, as well as within traditional brick-and-mortar stores that pivoted to e-commerce in the form of online orders or sales via WhatsApp and other channels in a bid to retain their customer base. 

In fact, according to an article published by Manufacturing & Logistics IT, new research finds that improving labor optimization, returns management and cost of errors are targets for warehouse operators – with efficient auto-ID and labeling technology key to being able to support their goals.

Consumers embrace contactless 

The pandemic also influenced how consumers pay for their purchases – according to a recent Mastercard study, retailers saw a 40% rise in contactless transactions during the first quarter of 2020 as the pandemic first took hold. And research from Visa shows that two-thirds (65%) of consumers globally would prefer to use contactless payments as much as, or more than, they are currently. Further, by 2026, the global contactless payment market is expected to triple in value from $13.23 billion in 2020 to a whopping $51.07 billion. Evidently, retailers will be relying on POS printers for some time to come.

Power up your printing, in-store and in the warehouse

If you’re looking for a way to deploy, secure, control, and track all printers, including POS and label printers, across your entire operations, we can help. 

With our secure, serverless SaaS print management platform you can:

  • Consolidate and simplify your printing infrastructure. Our universal driver supports a wide range of receipt and label printers (see our full list of supported printers here), with no software or server installations needed, so you can be up and running in no time.


  • Manage your POS and label printers like any other printer. Using the admin panel, you can run intuitive point-click printer creation, management and statistics gathering.


  • Utilize advanced option configurations for your exact printing needs. Configure every inch of your printing process as you configure label sizes, receipt roll width, dithering, rotation, brightness adjustment and more.

Case in point

But don’t take our word for it; industry-leading fitness company SoulCycle is a testament to the print functionality and capabilities we offer, having adopted our one-stop print management solution for all front-of-house printing, including receipt and label printing. In addition to the benefits outlined above, we enabled SoulCycle to:

  • Ditch costly on-premise hardware. By supporting advanced functionality such as receipt printing on POS and label printers on Dymo devices for merchandising pricing, we helped SoulCycle say goodbye to costly hardware for good, helping them cut down on future costs.


  • Reduce operating costs and potential points of failure. We consolidated all printing, receipt and label writing functions for the SoulCycle team, eliminating the need for Windows servers and other proprietary software as we centralized all workflows onto Chromebooks.

With so much of their digital transformation journey still ahead of them, print management shouldn’t be yet another challenge for companies reliant on label and POS printers. If you’re looking to take the pain out of your printing, and save time, energy and money while you’re at it, get in touch with us and claim your free 30-day trial today.