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Solve your printing pain points with

There’s been much debate over the past ten or so years about declining print volumes. Fast-forward to today and the conversation hasn’t changed – think the paperless office (we’re still waiting on that one), digital transformation, and COVID-19 lockdowns which saw offices worldwide shut for months with thousands of printers lying idle, to name a few. The fact is that office printers aren’t going anywhere soon – we might be printing less, but we are still printing.

Print is a pain for IT 

Printing (with all its ups and downs) remains an integral part of any business and the one constant is that managing an on-premise print infrastructure is often expensive, time-consuming and complicated. 

Despite technological advances, IT leads are still spending valuable time fixing print-related issues, and with 76% of IT decision-makers worldwide facing critical skills gaps in their departments, many are looking for ways to reduce pressure on their over-stretched teams.

Cloud-based printing with minimal IT involvement is designed for the digital age – our secure, SaaS print management solution for cloud-first organizations does the heavy lifting – enabling IT teams to quickly and effectively deploy, secure, control, and track print in the cloud.

Migrating print to the cloud removes dependence on on-premise hardware which lessens the load on IT.’s unique universal print driver simplifies roll-out and maintenance, resulting in zero-touch deployment at scale; automates time-intensive tasks, enables the entire print infrastructure to be centrally managed, enables end-users to self-serve and reduces the time IT have to spend troubleshooting printer issues.

Turbo-charge the printing device on-boarding process

At, our focus is firmly on providing an intuitive, seamless and straightforward customer experience for organizations looking to migrate print infrastructure to the cloud, and to making printing easy for IT to manage, and end-users to access.

That’s why we’ve introduced Device Radar, an innovative new tool that turbo-charges the printing device on-boarding process. With Device Radar, customers can onboard and deploy an unlimited number of printing devices and make them accessible to end-users, in just a few clicks. 

Device Radar utilizes multicast DNS (mDNS) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) protocols to search for and identify all printers on a customer’s network. Network-connected devices are automatically onboarded to the platform and the Device Radar tool leverages artificial intelligence to set individual devices’ best-known configuration and enable advanced finishing features such as staple, fold, etc., where available. 

Multi-vendor fleet support

Printer fleets comprising multi-vendor devices is another commonly cited pain point, with IT leads concerned whether they can manage all models under a single system. supports all major manufacturers – and our unique universal driver includes advanced finishing options for over 5,000 printer makes and models. What’s more the end-user experience remains the same – they can simply submit print jobs from their personal devices as they have always done. combines the power of cloud administration and local network printing; offers parity in terms of the feature-set and functionality compared to on-premise solutions; and delivers a consistent look and feel across Chrome, Chromebook, Windows, and macOS devices. 

It really does make sense to take print to the cloud and solve your printing pain points with Why not make the most of our free 30-day trial today?