Put every effort into your patients' health while we focus on helping you keep your patient data secure when printing. We can also help you reduce your printing costs across your healthcare organization

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Keep your patients' data secure ensuring compliance

The first step in HIPAA compliance is knowing where your patient data is.

With print jobs and patient data never leave your local network, keeping your data secure and printing available 24/7/365.

Reduce data leakage; all print traffic stays within your network.

Traceability - Understand user print behavior and spot anomalies.

Get compliant - PIN release printing prevents unwanted data exposure.

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Substantial cost & waste reduction

With our unique features for cost and waste reduction you'll see potential savings of up-to 80% on current print management solution.

Reduce paper waste through our unique re-print detection.

Reduce toner usage with our color reduction and image zap features.

Reduce support time - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

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Continuously evolving software for an ever evolving world

At we have a rapid-deployment ethos to our software development process. Our Cloud Service is frequently updated according to new feature availability and direct customer feedback.

As is a Cloud Service, you’ll never hear us talk about server release version numbers or any other legacy terms associated with on-premises print management.

You'll have the latest, greatest version, always, with no painful server upgrades required.

Simple, smarter, easier to manage printing
Seamless cloud updates
Automatic and manual client update options
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All key features included as standard


Moving your print infrastructure to the Cloud is simple, keeping prints local.

Designed for Google

Full Chromebook and Google Workspace integration gives unparalleled configuration control.

Reduce print costs

Features include mono, duplex, reprint detection and smart toner reduction.

Zero touch

Once installed, no configuration is needed for new Chromebooks or end-users.

Security as standard

Local network printing ensures your prints never leave your network.

Compatibility is compatible with all leading printer manufacturers. Use your old printers.