Libraries & Public Spaces

Allocate printers to public terminals within a library or shared space, apply print policies to ensure responsible printing. Enable secure print release, even with anonymous guest sessions.

Chromeboxes + printers + = perfect public terminal setup

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Control & understand all aspects of printing

Chrome for public access terminals is already a natural choice. makes print management on these devices easy

Grant printer access based on device location within your library or public space.

Receive statistics for every print job – our Admin Control Panel keeps track of usage.

Control output - Restrict print volume or enforce secure print (release at printer)

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Print Management | Print control

Substantial cost & waste reduction

With our unique features for cost and waste reduction you'll see potential savings of up-to 80% on current print management solution

Reduce paper waste through our unique re-print detection.

Reduce toner usage with our color reduction and image zap features.

Reduce support time - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

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All Key Features Included


Moving your print infrastructure to the Cloud is simple, keeping prints local.

For Google

Full Chromebook and Google Workspace integration gives unparalleled configuration control.

Compatibility is compatible with all leading printer manufacturers. Use your old printers.

Zero touch

Once installed, no configuration is needed for new Chromebooks or end-users.

Security standard

Local network printing ensures your prints never leave your network.

Reduce costs

Features include mono, duplex, reprint detection and smart toner reduction.